How We Work

Kerala Career Development Mission

1.Provide Membership

KCDM provides membership for students who are financially challenged so that they can apply for scholarships and assistance for counselling, guidance and employment opportunities. KCDM reaches out to their members and offers assistance for eligible members in what possible way they desire.

2.Invite Sponsorship

KCDM welcomes wishful patrons, social workers, philanthropists, companies and trusts in joining the member sponsors of KCDM so that we can together contribute to a large extend in social engineering and empowerment of financially deprived students, families and communities.

3.Provide Scholarship

Students who are financially challenged can apply for scholarships through KCDM so that we can reach out to the students in providing the financial aid, guidance and support. We assure in offering scholarship for eligible students and thereby offering them better education and assistance.

4.Career Guidance and Counselling

We provide career counselling and advice to deserving students in order to recognize their skills, talents and passion and thereby help them accomplish their objectives and give them the best way to achieve their careers. We aim to guide you to your success in your life.

5.Provide Employment Opportunities

Students can apply for job updates so that they achieve a career and earn a livelihood for their family. In this way, we aim in empowering the families and communities and shape in a better future for the world.