About Us

Kerala Career Development Mission

KCDM which has been registered in compliance with the Government of India Trust Act: 1882, being a reputed nonprofit organisation, offers the requisite assistance and financial aid to students, schools and colleges to ensure better education and career.

Nelson Mandela once said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Our Organisation keeps the values to change our society and to educate the financially challenged communities and bring them along with us so that we can unite together and one day change the world.

We aim to touch the lives of many families and communities who are underprivileged and struggling to get the livelihood. We believe in education and career as the best way to provide the communities as the lifelong solution for meeting their livelihood and betterment in their life and society. Hence KCDM tries to reach out to a good number of financially struggling students through scholarships to help them gain a successful career for their livelihood. Since it is needed more to do than move money where it is most needed, to help them listen, understand and grow, we also offer them counselling and guidance support and employment opportunities for them to develop their career and living.

We also aim at reaching out to people who are desired and willing to join us in making a socio-economic progress in students, families and communities who are underprivileged and financially challenged. We aim at uniting everyone who are willing to see an empowerment in the society and believes education an effective tool in social engineering.


To transform the lives of people in Kerala through quality education and jobs by providing financial assistance and recognition with the help of our own community and groups


To impart best education and job to the society by collaborating professionals from different walks of life