Who We Are

Kerala Career Development Mission

Kerala Career Development Mission (KCDM) is a reputed non profit organisation, registered in accordance with the Government of India Trust Act: 1882, reaches out to the students, families and communities who are financially struggling and are underprivileged in the community and are unable to meet the necessities to life. KCDM believes in education and career as the perfect tool for empowering the families and communities to the betterment in their lives. Hence KCDM offers financial assistance counselling and guidance for students and job seekers who are financially challenged.

Students who are financially disadvantaged can apply for KCDM scholarships and assisitance through counselling, guidance and employment opportunities. KCDM assures in providing financial support for education and offers employment opportunities for deserving students according to their talents and skills.

Being a registered and public charitable trust, this organisation is also a community of many good friends, allies and compatriots in Kerala and abroad. This organization can be joined by any person or company that is willing to assist financially disadvantaged students. The organization's goal is to get any contribution you offer into the right hands.

The organisation seeks support from schools, colleges, teachers and social workers, in order to recognise and meet qualified students. All of you who would like to find people who need your support in education and career can join KCDM. No matter how small a help it is, it is a start for those who receive it to make big changes in their lives.